About the Director

Mr. Vidyasagar is the Good nature and Friendly man, who is a Founder and CEO of the KKN Enterprises. He has established Saagaz as one of the best cookies and candy stores in Chitoor.

As the company's founder, he supports every employee administratively on a daily basis and handles day-to-day business operations like managing communications, complex assignments, scheduling, and travel. As the CEO of Saagaz, he upholds and supports for a secure workplace and demonstrates the proper leadership and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) behaviours.

Our Team

We are incapable of flourish without a team. We have a skilled and knowledgeable crew working in the plant that makes our cookies, candies, and beverages with quality and taste.

Factory requires a wide range of skills due to the large number of tasks that must be finished in order to produce on time. The consistency of the components in cookies, drinks, and sweets is well-known to our employees. A proficient Baker has a history of accomplishment in different situations.

Our staff keeps up with news and trends in the baking industry, and KKN Enterprises demonstrated this by supplying a huge quantity of cookies like…

It should be noted that our team of experts has plenty of experience and expertise in producing the drinks and candies. A top-notch staff of highly skilled experts is required for a successful organisation. For instance, our team performed the majority of the roles like…